Go Deeper: The Power of the Resurrection

What is this?

Life is all about the cross. It’s about connecting to God by faith (↕) and growing to be more and more like Him. And it’s about connecting to others with God and His love (↔) so that they can experience His love and know Him.

This weekly paper is something you can use alone and with a Life Group. It is made to help you grow in your relationship with God, as well as in your reflection of God to those around you.

01 Individually

On your own, read Revelation 7:9-17. As you read…

  • Look for one main idea and message for your life in Christ that you can hold onto.
  • Write down 1 or 2 things you learned from these words about God and about us.  
  • Take a few moments to pray.  Ask God to help you apply this passage of Scripture to your daily life.

02 In Community


As you start, have everyone share one thing they hope for most in life.

Now share prayer requests and have someone lead an opening prayer around those requests.


The focus for this study is going to come from 1 Corinthians 15.  Begin by having someone read 1 Corinthians 15:1-26.  Then as a group, discuss the following questions:

What point do you think Paul is trying to make by emphasizing that the truth of Jesus’ death and resurrection is based both on the Scriptures, as well as on His earthly appearances after His resurrection?

Have someone re-read verses 12-19.  How important is Jesus’s resurrection in the lives of Christians, according to Paul’s words?  

Unpack verse 19.  What is Paul really trying to communicate in these words?

Now have someone re-read verses 20-26.  What, according to these words, does Jesus’ resurrection make possible? 

Now have someone read 1 Corinthians 15:35-58.  Talk about how our heavenly bodies are going to be different than our earthly bodies.

Read John 12:23-26.  How do these words of Jesus apply to what has just been discussed?

Paul ends 1 Corinthians 15 with a promise.  Read again verse 58.  Since we can be confident of Jesus’ resurrection, we can also be confident of living for Him.  Discuss that important truth before finishing.


Close your gathering with prayer. Along with other prayer requests that may have come up from the study, please pray about the following:

  • Pray that each person in your group will be able to come to an absolute certainty about Jesus’ death and resurrection.
  • Pray for those who are struggling to believe that Jesus actually rose from the dead, and pray for people you know, by name, who need Jesus and His love in their lives.
  • Pray for all believers, and especially those at Nanshan and Meilin churches, that they would live confidently and courageously, based on the truth of Jesus’ resurrection.

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