Go Deeper: Why did Jesus come?

What is this?

Life is all about the cross. It’s about connecting to God by faith (↕) and growing to be more and more like Him. And it’s about connecting to others with God and His love (↔) so that they can experience His love and know Him.
This weekly paper is something you can use alone and with a Life Group. It is made to help you grow in your relationship with God, as well as in your reflection of God to those around you.

01 Individually

On your own, read Matthew 5:13-16. As you read…

  • Look for one main idea and message for your life in Christ that you can hold onto.
  • Write down 1 or 2 things you learned from these words about God and about us.  
  • Take a few moments to pray.  Ask God to help you apply this passage of Scripture to your daily life.

02 In Community


As you start your gathering, have each person share about how they got into the career they are in or the line of work that they do.  

Share prayer requests and have someone lead an opening prayer around those requests.


Jesus knew who He was and why He had been sent to earth.  He knew His job and purpose, and was committed to fulfilling that purpose.  Taking one Scripture passage at a time, have someone read the passage, and then discuss what that passage has to say about Jesus and the purpose for His life.  

What does Jesus Himself say about what He was here to do?  Try to be as specific as possible.  

   Luke 4:14-21

   John 3:14-17

   John 10:1-11

   Luke 19:10

   Matthew 20:24-28

   Mark 2:1-12

   Mark 8:27-31

Now discuss the significance of your discoveries with one another.  

As believers, we are the “Body of Christ” in the world.  As Christ’s Body, talk with one another about the ways that we too have the same purpose as Jesus.  “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you” (John 20:21).

What are the ways that Jesus continues to fulfill His purposes in the world through us?  Discuss.


Take some time to close your gathering with a time of prayer.  Along with other prayer requests that may have come up from the study, please pray about the following:

  • Pray that Jesus’ purpose is fulfilled in your life.
  • Prayer that we each would know how to fulfill God’s purposes, especially in the lives of those we know. How can we be God’s love to each other?
  • Pray for your neighborhood and the people who live around you.  Pray for homes, marriages, and families.

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